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Is Healthcare a Stable Industry?

Due to the aging population, the healthcare industry is becoming the largest employer in the United States. With all the money spent on Medicare and Medicaid, subsidized private insurances and healthcare benefits for government employees and veterans, health-care employment will thrive for decades.

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Fall Management & Prevention: How to Stay Safe At Home

Fall prevention can be as simple as creating a safe living environment. Research shows that achieving a minimum of 50 hours of exercise over a six month period can effectively reduce the risk of falls for seniors. Although falls can occur anywhere, most recorded falls take place in the home.

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Foods that Help with Anemia

Anemia is caused by a lack of iron in your blood. Certain long-term changes to your diet can yield major results to the health and well being of anemic individuals.

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Tips To Reduce Hospitalization

The decision to either stay home or move to an alternative location for care can be complicated for senior citizens with multiple chronic conditions. By providing integrated home care services, it can reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and readmissions.

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