How to Choose the Right Option for Assistance




Seniors today are living longer and staying healthier.  Some have become accustomed to helping with grandchildren, a part time job, or serving as a volunteer. Most seniors want to feel like they are still offering something to society.  Maintaining independence is a key factor for seniors.  No matter what their health condition or physical limitations may be, seniors want to have as much control in their life as possible.

With advances in medicine, seniors will remain as active as possible.  Even when they need daily assistance with day to day living concerns or should no stay alone all day, alternatives such as Home Care Services and Adult Day Services allow a lifestyle that supports ones dignity and goal for independence. They provide assistance bathing and grooming as needed and help with daily activities that range from basic chores such as cleaning and laundry to groceries and meal preparation.  Alzheimer’s disease is also on the rise all over the world.  Many seniors have mild dementia illnesses that require a bit more assistance with medications and other activities of daily living as well as now needing to maintain independence within a safe environment.

The benefit of Home Care Services is that their environment does not change and the care and assistance needed come right into the senior’s home.  This is a great option if family and friends are still close by for socialization.  For seniors who need more stimulation because family and friends are not around for frequent visits, Adult Day Services become a better option where seniors can take advantage of multiple social and recreational programs, the chance to meet new friends in warm and spacious surroundings, dining together with new friends and fitness classes.

“Deciding on Home Care Services or an Adult Day Services location is very personal.  You must feel comfortable with the person entering your home or the community must feel like its the right place to spend your day. Everyone has different tastes.  Some people like the comfort and privacy of their own home and others enjoy a large community with many open areas.  In the end, it must be the perfect setting with all of the care, services, and security the senior is looking for.”  Christina O’Leary, Director of Branding & Media