Financial Health Tips

Financial Health Tips

How do you know if you are financially well?  Here are the hard questions you have to ask yourself:

  1. Do I have dept?
  2. Am I living beyond my means?
  3. Do I spend money on things that I don’t actually need?

If you answered YES, here are some steps to take to be in better financial health:

  • Figure out your total dept and write it down.  It is good to add it together to see the full amount.
  • Create a budget for those expenses you HAVE to pay.
  • Remember, one thing you HAVE to pay for is yourself first!  Even if its only 10.00/month, its more than what you were saving before.
  • See if there is a way to combine your dept and/or have lower interest rates on that dept.
  • Decide how much you can use each month to start paying down your dept and stick with it!

Christina O’Leary – Director of Branding & Media, Renaissance Home Health Care and Adult Day Services