Holiday Tradition was the Theme at Renaissance's Thanksgiving Celebration

Betty Cutting Cake Corrie Tillman, Senator Diaz, Vivian Montgomery, 2 more clients





The clients at Renaissance Adult Day Services enjoyed a holiday celebration filled with family tradition on Tuesday, November 25, 2014. Betty Lockwood, 80 and mother of Renaissance Executive Director, Eileen Parenti, served everyone a piece of her famous “Betty’s Blessing” Apple Cake while sharing stories about growing up in New Jersey’s smallest licensed nursing home from 1946-1966, the house where she, in turn, raised Eileen. Senator Diaz joined everyone for the celebration at 787 E. 156th Street and handed out $10 gift cards for holiday food shopping.

Alberto, Angela, Grace and Betty with a Turkey

Lockwood believes that baking is simply another way to care for people. “That’s why when I bake, I bake with love. While I’m baking I say my prayers and have my rosary on. I put blessed salt in the cake and a tablespoon of holy water to bless the people who receive the cake.” Lockwood will make more than 150 cakes this holiday season, not including the cakes she brought to Renaissance.

Eileen and Betty Lena, Betty Senator Diaz, Eileen, Larissa with Cake