Renaissance Client and Minister Creates Weekly Bible Studies

At Renaissance Adult Day Services, we encourage health, wellness, and peace of mind for our client’s total well-being. We take the time necessary to understand each person’s unique qualities, likes, dislikes, daily routines, family relations, and medical concerns. We have found that by focusing our efforts on the Mind, Body and Spirit, we can help someone live a happier, fuller life.  These are our Signature Touches.

Dr. Reverend C.C. Randall B Gillis is one of our Renaissance Home Health Care clients and Adult Day Services clients. He recently shared with us his appreciation of our services and it is a wonderful example of healing through Spirit.

Dr Rev CC Randall B GillisDr. Reverend C.C. Randall B Gillis

Reverend Gillis suffers from many disabilities. He comes to the Bronx Renaissance Adult Day Services location (787 E. 156th Street) five days a week. A Renaissance home attendant helps him with his daily tasks seven days a week for eight hours a day.

Reverend Gillis has begun offering sermons to those interested on a weekly basis while he is the 787 Renaissance Adult Day Services center.  He says, “I’m on a journey toward purpose and wholeness. By God in Heaven sending me to the Renaissance Adult Day Services, I can share the love of God to all that hear his words through me.” Reverend Gillis has been ministering the word of God for 35 years and counting. He is a licensed minister by the state of New York, has a doctorate in divinity and is a Christian counselor.  He attended C.E.C. High School and Southern Christian University.

He created the Wednesday’s non-denomination religious services, bible studies because, “I want to encourage other people with disabilities not to complain but to pray and wait each day for God to bless us.”

Through his many disabilities, he is grateful and feels blessed as do we to have him with us every day. He said, “I must say through God, my lovely and caring home attendant, and Renaissance adult services, I make my daily day. I don’t know what will never happen if to me without those components in my life.”


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