Renaissance Home Health Care and Adult Day Services Recognizes National Nutrition Month

At  Renaissance Home Health Care and Adult Day Services, our holistic approach to wellness includes educating our associates, seniors, and their family on setting healthy goals that are attainable.

The following tips will help create a healthier lifestyle. Our Home Health Aides can assist with shopping for groceries, etc. At our Adult Day Services locations, lunch is provided in alliance with these tips.

  1. Balance – Each meal should contain a protein (fish, chicken, meat, or pork, tofu, beans, etc.),  vegetables or fruit, and a carbohydrate/starch (pasta, rice, potato, etc.)
  2. Color – Chances are if your meal is colorful, it s healthier than little or no color.
  3. Portion Control – One portion of everything is about the size of 1 cup or the size of your hand.
  4. Beverages – Try drinking water between your bites. It will cause you to slow down and fill up at the same time.
  5. Snack Between Meals – A healthy snack of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, etc, at the right portion size between meals will increase your metabolism, decrease the feeling of starvation and will improve your mood!

Christina O’Leary, Director of Branding & Media