Renaissance Home Health Care Inspires and Supports Opportunities For A Better Tomorrow Organization

Ruth Vasquez, from the Human Resources department at Renaissance Home Health Care, attends inspiring graduation provided by  OBT (Opportunities For A Better Tomorrow Organization).   Renaissance Home Health Care has played an important role in the lives of young adults, helping many of them to achieve their goals by partnering with Opportunities For A Better Tomorrow (an organization to help disadvantaged youth and adults, in assisting them with finding a job, training and support services).  Renaissance is committed to continuing to serve our community by participating in OBT Youth Job Training Program and the Young Adult Internship Program. These programs are offered for 12 weeks at our Renaissance location, providing a real opportunity to obtain work experience while also providing businesses with much needed support.  After 12 weeks, youth adults graduate from OBT and are assisted in finding a job by OBT.  In the picture below, Randolph Peers, Execute Director of OBT, Jeremy Lebron, Intern of OBT  and Renaissance Ruth Vasquez seen celebrating the graduation.  Renaissance has its own “success story“ with our very own Andrea Tindal who  is an assistant to our Director of Patient Services.  She was an intern from OBT and graduated from the program.  To view the pictures of OBT graduates from Renaissance visit our Renaissance Home Health Care albums on Face book.  Don’t forget to  Like us!

Ruth Vasquez, Human Resources at Renaissance Home Health Care attends inspiring graduation provided by OBT (For A Better Tomorrow Organization)