Art Therapy Paints a Better Quality of Life for Seniors

Art therapy is proof that something as simple as putting a paint brush to a canvas or a pen to a piece of paper can yield life-altering results for senior citizens. Some of the proven benefits of art therapy programs for seniors are:

Better Memory

Memory loss is one of the most common issues senior citizens face. There have been countless studies done on the benefits that art therapy can provide senior citizens including the case of Mary Hecht, which proved that art was a healthy way for patients such as Mary, who had trouble completing daily tasks, to bypass language while providing them with a sense of accomplishment by creating something that they can be proud of. In addition, we have seen these benefits at Poet’s Walk, our memory care facility, with many of our residents suffering from dementia, including Millie Savage.

A Fun Alternative to Talk Therapy

Art therapy allows senior citizens to work through their psychological issues more readily than talk therapy. According to CRC Health, art therapy provides patients with the opportunity to address issues or express themselves in ways that transcend language. Certain issues that cause significant emotional turmoil tend to lend themselves better to artistic expression than verbal expression. The benefits of art therapy are simple in that, often times, our residents aren’t even fully aware of just how much they are gaining from creating something artistic.

Encourages Creativity

To quote Oscar Wilde, “Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” Art therapy is an excellent means of self-expression and creativity that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Giving senior residents the means to create something meaningful to them is one of the many reasons that we offer art therapy as part of our Signature Touches Program.

Allows for Personal Expression

Art therapy gives senior citizens the opportunity to access thoughts and feelings that they may have locked away deep within themselves. Allowing senior residents the opportunity to express those feelings in a healthy way is one of the most important benefits of art therapy.

Art therapy, among various other forms of therapy, is part of our holistic approach to senior living at Renaissance Home Health Care. The benefits of art therapy, both mentally and spiritually, are invaluable to senior citizens. Art therapy proves that expression comes in all different shapes and sizes, and all of them are valuable in their own way.