Brain Games for Seniors to Support Cognitive Health

Cognitive function tends to decrease as we age, meaning keeping the mind sharp and clear is crucial. Brain games are an excellent way to engage the mind and improve thought processes, memory, and functionality. At Renaissance, we know how important it is to keep the mind working, which is why we love to provide our adult day care clients and home care recipients with an array of brain games.

Brain Games to Work the MindWhat Are Brain Games and How Do They Improve Cognition?

Brain cells, like muscles, need to be stimulated to function optimally. By making the brain work in the guise of a fun and social activity, brain games can help to improve and maintain cognitive ability. These kinds of games require players to think. Players may be asked to classify items, strategize, use deductive reasoning, or remember things. All of these things help to keep the brain healthy and properly tuned.

Studies have shown the playing brain games can have a significant impact on cognition. Even a brain game that looks simple, such as a puzzle, can go a long way to work the brain. Decision making is faster; concentration is heightened; and memory and reaction time are improved.

Senior-Friendly Brain Games

At each of our Renaissance home health agency locations, we love incorporating fun brain games into our daily activities. For example:

  • Puzzles– Sudoku is a good example of a game that makes the player think. Crosswords are great for maintaining vocabulary, and depending on the topic, keep the player engaged in events around them. Even doing a regular puzzle has benefits in terms of matching and image retention.
  • Board Games – The games you’ve always loved, even as a kid, often require memory and strategy. Monopoly throws in some money sense and math. Trivial Pursuit jogs memory. Clue makes players use deductive reasoning and memory. Best of all, most board games require more than one player, so it is also an excellent way to socialize and stay connected with people.
  • Card Games– Card games usually only require a deck of cards, and are entertaining ways to give the brain a workout. Players have to constantly differentiate cards’ shapes and colors. Games like Poker have strategy and communication objectives, as does a game like Hearts. Even something as basic as standard Solitaire provides the brain opportunities to assess options and work. We’ve even treated our daycare seniors to day trips to the casino, where they can really put their skills to use!

Dedicated Memory Care from Qualified Senior Care Providers

Clients in Renaissance’s adult day care and home care programs are given many opportunities to work the mind. We hold a lot of special events, including game days/nights, which allow our seniors to socialize while they are keeping their brains healthy and active. We can’t wait to show you all our seniors have to enjoy!

Contact us to discover additional ways to keep your loved one’s cognitive function at its best or to learn more about participating in our adult day care programs.