Combating Post-Holiday Loneliness with Adult Day Care

We often hear about the “holiday blues” leading up to Christmas, Hanukkah, and other winter holidays. While the term often relates to stresses leading up to these events, such as managing finances, juggling numerous parties, and fighting the crowds, the post-holiday blues are just as concerning—especially for seniors. Renaissance knows how to help seniors with the loneliness and depression that often follows the excitement of the holiday season; that’s why we offer so many fun and uplifting activities.

What to Know About Seasonal Depression in Seniors

Senior-Friendly Winter Things to DoMany seniors are prone to depression during the fall and winter months, which are marked by shorter days and less time spent outside. Due to the shorter daylight hours and lower temperatures, many are less inclined to go out and enjoy social activities. For seniors who may already have limited ability to get out on their own, isolation becomes a serious concern.

After the holidays, these feelings of loneliness may be more pronounced. Holiday celebrations may have been spent with friends and family – providing well-needed socialization for seniors. When the holidays end, however, many seniors are left feeling more alone than ever. Meanwhile, elderly individuals may continue to suffer the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) as the winter months continue. For them, the prevention of social isolation is crucial.

Tips for Battling the Post-Holiday Blues

One of Renaissance’s greatest strengths is knowing how to combat loneliness in old age. Here are a few elderly loneliness solutions you may wish to try.

  • Walk down memory lane. Suggest going through a few photo albums with your loved one or ask them about particular past events and anecdotes. They are wonderful sources of family history and tradition, and reminiscing about good times can be an uplifting bonding experience.
  • Include them in activities with the grandkids. Children bring an innocent energy and joy to grandparents and other elderly individuals. Spending an afternoon doing arts and crafts or playing games with grandchildren or youth groups can really brighten up the day and make them feel more connected to family members.
  • Plan excursions that will interest them. If your loved one enjoys musicals, taking them to a show may be an exciting event they’ll look forward to. Make sure that the level of activity required is not too strenuous, but getting them out of the house and moving does a lot of good for a sad mood. Take them out for a meal of their favorite cuisine, or take them to a movie they’d like to see.

Preventing Post-Holiday Isolation with Adult Day Care

Renaissance’s adult day care in NYC provides seniors with numerous opportunities to socialize and meet new friends. It’s hard to stay blue when surrounded by cheerful caregivers and other seniors. Our clients can eat nutritious meals together, take classes and workshops, and group up for the popular day trips we plan, which include museum visits, sightseeing, tours, and special performances.

Our program activities often include important and helpful therapies, such as sense and cognitive stimulation, so they may not realize that while they are having fun and socializing, they are also improving their physical health and mental abilities. They will be too busy making new memories and friendships!

Contact us today and find out how we can help your loved one battle the post-holiday blues.