Day Trips for Seniors in New York

As friends and family get busier and grandchildren grow up, sometimes daily life may start to feel a bit monotonous. That’s why Renaissance loves to organize fun and meaningful day trips for our senior day care clients as part of our ongoing Signature Touches. Senior bus trips or senior adventure day trips can be perfect pick-me-ups and great opportunities to catch up with others. Plus, they offer the opportunity to form new friendships and lasting memories.

The Benefits of Keeping Seniors Busy

Maintaining a social life becomes even more important as we get older. Sometimes – especially when someone starts to suffer from aches or pains, or feels less energetic, or even when it’s getting colder outside – it is hard to feel motivated to find fun things to do. Keeping busy does a lot to maintain health and well-being – not just emotionally, but physically as well.

People tend to take better care of themselves when they have things to do during the day and when they have the opportunity to get out and interact with friends. The physical activity itself is beneficial. Moving the body around helps keep muscles and the immune system strong, maintains endurance, promotes self-esteem and restful sleep, and keeps blood pressure manageable.


Life also feels more fulfilling when there are things to see and new things to learn, through senior tours and travel, for example.

Day Outings Available Through Renaissance Day Care Facilities

Our senior socialization programs are far from boring! Our seniors get to experience the most interesting of places, and best of all, many of our trips are educational and introduce the members of our community to new cultures. For example, past social outings have included trips to:

  • El Museo Del Barrio to explore and learn about Latino, Caribbean, and Latin American art.
  • City Island to enjoy bird watching, walking down the famous boardwalk, and learning about the history of City Island – for a few seniors, it was their very first time!
  • The Maury Povich Show to participate in the taping of the show. What an eye opener about the television industry – you may have even seen some of us on TV!
  • Empire City Casino to play games and dance to a fantastic live performance – cutting the rug is such fun exercise.
  • “I Like It Like That” Musical, starring Tito Nieves, to enjoy Latino singing and salsa dancing. We even got to take pictures with the cast.

These special outings are in addition to ongoing events, such as bowling – not to mention all the spectacular events that take place in the facilities themselves, such as dance parties, themed “days”, performances, and charity drives. We love inviting our community members to participate in new and exciting activities!

Contact us to find out more about the fabulous senior excursions we offer in NY. We can’t wait to show you all we have to offer.