Five Things That The Aging Population Are Looking For in a Healthcare Professional

Caregiver for HIV Patient

With longer life expectancies comes the need for long term senior care for many baby boomers. Some older adults go through changes in health that often affect their ability to be independent, thus requiring them to find care. The older, bigger and more diverse our country gets will have a great effect on the U.S. healthcare system. According to the American Geriatrics Society, “About 30% of the population 65 and older require some type of geriatric care,” which means this would require roughly 21,500 geriatricians for the baby boomer generation. If you’re interested in establishing a career in healthcare, here is a list of valuable characteristics that a healthcare professional should have.


Healthcare professionals will often have to practice patience when dealing with patients and their families. Patience not only helps healthcare professionals provide quality care, but it also assists with being able to communicate efficiently when faced with demanding or fast-paced situations.

Open Minded:

An important characteristic for a healthcare professional includes being open minded. A healthcare professional who is open minded is also a good listener and asks questions, which correlates to being able to effectively communicate with their patients and staff. This is really important, especially in the healthcare industry where communication could be a matter of life and death.

Positive Attitude:

A positive attitude towards the work that you do is essential for a healthcare professional. A healthcare professional with a positive attitude not only tries to prepare for possible difficulties but also takes the time to make sure things are easier for their patients.

Willingness To Learn and Change:

Healthcare professionals that want to have a personal understanding of what their patient is experiencing can change lives. The willingness to be flexible and able to adapt to all possible events when needed is very important as well. These characteristics allow healthcare professionals to identify with his or her patient and soothe a patient’s illnesses.

More Desire to Give Than To Receive:

Lastly, the desire to give than receive is a quality characteristic in providing quality care that meets patients expectations. A healthcare professional should put the patients’ welfare first and identify the kind of support the patient needs. Patients need consistent care and encouragement from healthcare professionals in order to achieve more and stay healthy.

If you display the characteristics above, you’re on the right track to becoming a successful healthcare professional. People who work in the healthcare industry all have the same goal, to ensure that healthcare is delivered in and efficient and well-mannered way. Our Executive Director, Eileen Parenti, explains that “Our employees are skilled and professional trained in Geriatrics, Pediatrics, HIV/Aids and Mental Health. They are rewarded everyday with knowing that they are successfully taking care of the needs of our clients.” If your interested in a career in healthcare, consider pursuing a career at Renaissance Home Health Care and Adult Day Services, we offer great avenues for personal and professional development in an incredibly rewarding field.