Helping Aging Parents Stay at Home

As your senior loved one continues to age, you may begin to wonder if some sort of assisted living situation may be necessary. Perhaps they need some assistance with everyday living tasks or simply enjoy the company of another individual through the day. However, you may be too busy with work or children to visit them on a day-to-day basis.  But what if your loved one doesn’t necessarily need the dedicated of assisted living? Understandably so, many seniors prefer to live in their home for as long as possible. With adult day care services, such as those of Renaissance Home Health Care in NYC, they can!

The Benefits of Aging in Place for Senior Citizens

Your loved one may be processing a lot in their mind. Sometimes, the symptoms of aging – or dementia – are disconcerting. For many seniors, familiarity with their surroundings becomes even more important to provide an emotional “anchor”. Being home can give them peace of mind and provide stability. Their entire world is here. If they don’t necessarily need the extensive care of an assisted living facility, there are ways for them to remain at home while still receiving the assistance they may need to enhance their quality of life.

How to Help a Senior Living at Home

Often, seniors may simply need a hand with certain tasks or activities. In most cases, a friend or relative could help out. In some circumstances, you can find home care for seniors living at home. Here are some simple ways to provide your loved one with the attention and care they may need:

  • If your loved one is having difficulty bathing, grooming, or dressing, a friend or relative could come over once a day. In some cases, a home caregiver may be hired to come over as needed to assist in these everyday tasks.
  • If making meals becomes a challenge, encourage and bring your loved one to potlucks or offer assistance when it comes to grocery shopping or meal preparation. There are also many available meal delivery services.
  • If your loved one takes medications, you could get them special pill boxes and help them set out their pills for the week. There are also special devices designed to remind them it’s time to take medicine. If they have just come out of the hospital and need further care, the hospital may be able to arrange in-home assistance for elderly patients.
  • If your loved one needs help managing finances – paying bills, filling out insurance forms, etc., perhaps a trusted friend or relative can help. If they are somewhat computer savvy, you could teach them how to pay bills online and arrange for automatic payments.
  • For mobility issues, ask your health care provider for information on walkers, electric scooters, or stair lifts. In some regions, special public transportation can be arranged.

Adult Day Care to Support Independent Living at Home

Caring for Elderly ParentRenaissance provides comprehensive adult day care in various facilities located in NY. Our caregivers and staff take a holistic approach to senior care, meaning that we see health as emotional and mental as well as physical.

As part of our Signature Touches, offer hot meals and snacks and put on a number of wellness programs and activities that educate and entertain while promoting daily social interaction – games, performances, day trips and excursions, art, gardening. We aren’t just looking after their physical health, we are enhancing their minds and uplifting their spirits.

Best of all, our home care clients are invited and encouraged to participate in the activities offered at their nearest Renaissance facility, so in addition to at-home assistance, your loved ones can socialize and enjoy various events.

Contact us to find out more about the benefits of elderly staying at home, and how we can help your loved one maintain their independence.