Home Care Services for HIV Patients

Home Health Nurse in NYDespite advances in research and medical treatment for HIV and AIDS, many people still have questions regarding the potential quality of life patients can enjoy. Today, those with HIV are living longer and more comfortably, thanks not only to available medicines and treatments, but also to the care and assistance provided by high-quality home care programs for HIV patients.

At Renaissance, your home health agency here in NYC, our dedicated, highly qualified and reliable caregivers make all the difference. Here’s a closer look at the advantages of our HIV/AIDS home care program.

What is HIV/AIDS Home Based Care?

A patient with HIV/AIDS who is living at home can receive assistance from professional caregivers in a number of areas, depending on the recipient’s individual needs. Types of home-based care for HIV patients include:

  • Medical Assistance. Caregivers can ensure that patients take all their medications at the prescribed intervals and doses, as well as monitoring blood sugar, blood pressure, and administering certain treatments or first aid where required. They can also be helpful for keeping track of medical appointments, for providing necessary information to physicians, and for ensuring that instructions are carried out.
  • Activities of Daily Living. For patients experiencing difficulties with mobility or dexterity, caregivers can assist with everyday tasks, such as grooming, meal preparation, shopping, housekeeping, and transport to medical appointments and the like. Assistance with personal hygiene is most important for patients who are unable to take care of themselves.
  • Pain Management and Comfort. Professional caregivers can provide relaxation techniques – such as aromatherapy and massage, give patients pain medicines that have been pre-approved, and even change soiled bedding or clothing.
  • Emotional Support. Patients can lean on their caregivers when they feel overwhelmed, depressed, or isolated. Professional caregivers understand the concerns, fears, and feelings many HIV patients experience, and are well equipped to respond, validate, and to encourage a positive outlook.
  • Awareness and Understanding. Professional caregivers are quite used to answering questions about HIV/AIDS, medical options, and available treatments. They can also help explain instructions given by the patient’s physician, and educate family members, both to dispel stigma and to help them participate in the patient’s care.

Dedicated Attention from Qualified Home Caregivers

Renaissance professional caregivers are exceptionally qualified and capable, wholeheartedly devoted to improving quality of life for HIV/AIDS patients. That’s because at Renaissance, we understand that good health is not just physical, but mental and emotional, too. We respect our patients and their families, as well as their privacy, and it shows in the care we provide.

Learn more about our home care services and specialties by contacting us. We look forward to discussing the intricacies of our HIV/AIDS care, designed to help patients live healthier and happier.