Stroke Recovery with the Help of Home Caregivers

Recovering from a stroke can be a scary process, especially if someone is experiencing long-term disability as a result or if the family has never before cared for a stroke patient at home. To support those who may be caring for a loved one who has experienced a stroke, Renaissance is pleased to provide a dedicated team of caregivers throughout NYC who are qualified in stroke recovery and wellness. In addition to ongoing care and attention, our caregivers are able to provide guidance in stroke recovery exercises and activities. The stroke patient care plan is made to suit your loved one’s needs and lifestyle and is available to all members of the Renaissance community, including adult day care patients and home care recipients.

Dedicated Stroke Recovery Care and Management

Many are not aware that home care services are available for recovering stroke patients. These programs are beneficial not only for pain management but also for helping adults and seniors maintain their independence and self-esteem.  When caring for a stroke patient, it is important to remember their mental and emotional needs in addition to their physical needs. This is something our caregivers have great experience with and adhere to according to our unique C.A.R.E. Standards.

Qualified Attention from Caregivers Experienced in Stroke Recovery

As part of this program, members of our community are provided:

  • the care and expertise of qualified caregivers experienced with stroke recovery;
  • assistance with daily lifestyle tasks and normal activities, including household chores, errands, visits with family members
  • customized exercise programs intended to assist in pain management and recovery, based on each client’s needs, level of health, and interests
  • assessments of the home and recommendations for home modification, if required

Home care recipients can also take part in any of the ongoing programs that are available at their nearest Renaissance home health care facility.  These include:

  • fitness programs, such as Tai Chi, Yoga, stretches and chair exercises
  • classes, such as art and drawing, gardening, and gourmet cooking
  • various social activities, such as group reading, poetry
  • special events to which friends and family are also invited

A Holistic Approach to Stroke Recovery with Renaissance

When we come up with a stroke recovery plan for a client, it is developed with their individual needs and preferences in mind. At Renaissance, we believe that recovery from any trauma, including a stroke, has physical, mental, and emotional components that work together to promote optimal wellness.  That’s why our adult care services in NY incorporate a number of different stroke recovery exercises and activities with these different elements, so that true healing can occur.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you care for your loved one after they have had a stroke. Renaissance has all their interests at heart and we can’t wait to introduce you to our services!