Motivating Seniors to Exercise with Adult Day Care Programs

Tips for Helping Seniors ExerciseMany older adults find it difficult to feel encouraged to exercise regularly, even though they know it’s good for them. On top of simply feeling unmotivated, disabilities or troubles with mobility may make it hard for some to comfortably perform daily exercises. Renaissance adult day care centers offer a variety of recreational activities for all seniors as part of our adult day care programs and home care services, specially tailored for their individual needs. Our caregivers not only provide the care and attention every participate deserves, but they also have ample experience in motivating seniors to exercise.

The Benefits of Social Exercise Programs

Regular exercise can result in significant improvements to cardiovascular health, endurance, and muscle strength. It not only helps stave off diabetes and heart disease but also prevents the body from being susceptible to certain muscle and joint injuries.

Regular physical activity has also been shown to promote more restful sleep cycles, which becomes more difficult for some adults to achieve as they age. Exercise has a positive effect on emotional and mental health, especially for those who may suffer from depression or anxiety. Many activities that incorporate meditation also improve mental function.

Renaissance’s recreational programming is designed to promote physical, intellectual, and social well-being, and includes:

  • targeted exercises– chair exercises, stretching, simple dexterity exercises – these can be especially helpful to aging adults who want to maintain their mobility
  • fitness classes – such as yoga and Tai Chi
  • day trips – many of these can include walking tours and group walks
  • fun, exercise-related activities– such as bowling at the local bowling alley and themed dances (and our residents do love to boogie)

We also have therapeutic activities and wellness classes for older adults with disabilities, and they are welcome to join any of the events! Clients are not only staying physically active and having fun, they are hanging out with friends and socializing.

Tips For Motivating Older Adults to Exercise

Social exercise programs tend to be more motivating, but some still need an extra little nudge. Highlighting the positive aspects – especially the fun – is the key when we’re talking about how to motivate older adults.

  • Tell them the benefits.  Explain how exercise helps with particular ailments or conditions they have.
  • Guide them.  Many seniors are simply unsure whether they will be able to do the exercises or keep up. Guiding them through the exercises or providing a personal fitness trainer can inspire a sense of empowerment, and pride that yes, they can do these things. Even something simple like a pedometer can make them walk more often because they can see their achievements.

With our holistic approach to wellness, we offer a large range of social programs and classes, making it easy to motivate older adults to exercise. To find out more about the programs available at your nearest Renaissance home health care facility, please contact us.