Boosting Confidence with Music Therapy for Seniors

The relationship between music and the senior brain is particularly special. The benefits of listening to music are well documented in studies, showing advantages to physical, mental, and emotional health. The adult day care and home care caregivers of Renaissance witness the positive effects of music within our community every day. That’s why we are proud to include music therapy for seniors as an integral part of our Signature Touches.

The Benefits of Music for Senior Citizens

Music therapy programs for seniors can be rewarding on many fronts, including:

  • Memory recall. It isn’t uncommon for seniors, especially those with dementia, to experience some degree of memory loss. Listening to music from their past can evoke memories that they may not have accessed in years.
  • Encouraged Movement. We have seen many of our clients clap or tap their toes, even hum or sing along with songs they enjoy. These positive responses can be breakthroughs for seniors who may have become withdrawn and disconnected.
  • Mood and Stress. Music can be incredibly calming for seniors who are agitated, or uplifting for those who feel depressed.
  • Endurance and Mobility. We have seen music inspire senior clients to move their bodies, and any physical activity is so beneficial to elderly individuals. Music can greatly enhance walks and exercise, promoting coordination and encouraging enjoyment.
  • Social Interaction. Listening to music in groups often results in interaction among our clients. Sometimes they are just happy to be with others who enjoyed the same music in their youth and have a lot to talk about. Others sing along together.

Music Therapy for the Elderly

When you bring seniors and music together, there are often positive responses. Music therapy for elderly patients has resulted in some powerful improvements. At Renaissance, we often incorporate music in activities because we take a holistic approach to senior care within each of our adult day care facilities in NYC. It doesn’t just promote physical activity, but mental and emotional well-being, as well.

At Renaissance, our clients have enjoyed activities such as:

  • Specialized fitness classes, like simple stretching and chair exercises, or Tai Chi and yoga, which may be enhanced with appropriate music to add to the atmosphere, promote focus, and inspire coordinated movements.
  • Day trips and other excursions to local music events or venues.
  • Onsite special events, such as themed dances, sing-alongs or karaoke, holiday choirs, even performances by clients themselves in talent shows.
  • Dedicated music therapy activities, such as drum circles and sing-alongs

Contact us today and find out how your loved ones can benefit from music therapy and to discover the activities of our adult day care and home care programs.