NYPD Officials Give Elder Abuse Presentations for Clients at Renaissance Adult Day Services in the Bronx


On August 22 and 25, 2016, Renaissance Adult Day Services hosted a Violence Intervention Program to teach our members how to protect themselves against criminal activity. Held at the Renaissance Adult Day Services location in the Bronx (787 E. 156th Street), the main focus of the seminars included ways in which the clients can prevent elder abuse. Hilary Perez from the Violence Intervention Program came to the center and shared important information about domestic violence, the different types of domestic violence, how to identify it and where to go for help. A Lieutenant from the NYPD along with some police officers joined Perez to teach the members about the vulnerability seniors possess and how they are often targeted as victims by criminals. The officers explained the different strategies used by “bandits” to target seniors and dispose them of their money, identification and dignity. Finally, the officers went into detail about how the clients can keep themselves protected from these types of criminals and what they can do if they have any suspicion of being victimized.