Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking for Senior Care

Whether it’s assisted living, adult day care, memory care, home care, or hospice care, there are a lot of questions that will go through the mind of someone who is looking into care for themselves or their loved one. Instead of allowing your mind to wander, we’ve created a list of the top questions that should make or break your decision when trying to choose the right care.

Does the company have a person centered focus approach to care?

The focus should always primarily be on the health and well being of your loved one. Period.

Do they encourage family involvement?

One of the top risk factors for decline in seniors is social isolation. The Association of Health Care Journalists mentions that “by the time people reach age 85, 40 percent live by themselves.” The study also states that, “Social isolation and loneliness are associated with increased mortality in older adults.” Therefore, family interaction is vital to a senior’s well being.

How often do they communicate with you?

Communication is an invaluable asset for people being cared for and their loved ones to remain up to date on everything happening around them. According to Marketing Daily Advisor, follow up calls should be implemented by all businesses as they build trust, help address possible problems earlier, and help create a connection. During this uncertain time for people, the benefits of communication are invaluable.

How much focus do they put into pro-active wellness, independence and safety?

How much independence will be maintained, encouraged, or compromised upon admittance into a care program? Is a home-like environment going to be promoted? Will your loved one have a care plan that is designed for gradual stages of progress and to ultimately be as independent as possible? Are there opportunities for supervised or unsupervised outdoor walks in nice weather? How much open space is available? What safeguards do they have in place to allow independence?

Is there an outlet for creativity or resourcefulness?

Does the environment allow for personal development and artistic expression? Are there any educational classes offered for the client? What therapy programs are available to foster an engaged mind, body, and spirit?

Finally, how does Renaissance Home Health Care and Adult Day Services meet all of these needs?

Our Signature Touches program is geared to create one, cohesive experience that encapsulates all of these different elements together. We strive to remain ahead of the curve in every way that we can and pride ourselves on offering services that other facilities are unable to.

We also offer opportunities for volunteerism, classes in wellness, problem-solving skills, and personal development. In addition, our Home Care Services, in collaboration with our assisted living communities, provide social interaction and individualized programs for the seniors in their care.

Making the decision to transition yourself or your loved one into the care program that is right for you is a big one and should not be taken lightly. These questions will provide you with a foundation of information that you will need to make the most informed decision possible. At Renaissance Home Health Care and Adult Day Services, information on our different programs, features, and amenities are all available to the public. If there are any questions that you cannot find the answer to, our communities are filled with trained associates who are readily available to help guide you. The health and well being of each of our residents is our number one priority at all times.