Renaissance Adult Day Center Members Learn Self-Defense

The members at Renaissance Adult Day Services in Brooklyn were lucky to take part in a self-defense class. Led by Max Eugene, Renaissance Exercise Instructor, he wanted to ensure that the seniors are able to protect themselves.

According to Max, seniors are being attacked by either being punched 2 or more times in the head, stomach, chest etc. The techniques that Max taught the seniors is not only to defend themselves  if they are being attacked, but also to strengthen their bodies. The members practiced with their peers and engaged in role play based on various demonstrations. They learned the proper ways to protect and defend themselves.

Some of the moves they learned include how to defuse an attacker from backing them against a wall, ways to block an attacker from hitting them in the head or different body parts we well as being attacked from behind. He suggested they carry a whistle and walk in groups. He also let them know that anything can help protect themselves such as using a cane, a pen, keys, or canned food.

They also watched a self defense video for even more safety tips and tools.

Check out more photos of this event and others at the Renaissance Facebook page!


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