Senior Day Care Activities Available at Renaissance

When seniors are looking for ways to pass the time and keep themselves active, adult day care may be a consideration–and for good reason! Adult day care provides elderly participants with a plethora of social opportunities, engaging activities, and ways to stay active, healthy, and happy. At Renaissance, we take a holistic approach to senior day care, designed to support every aspect of wellness, from physical health to emotional support to mental happiness. Here’s a closer look at all we have to offer…

A Holistic Approach to Senior Care

First and foremost, Renaissance believes that physical wellness is only one element of someone’s wellbeing. That’s why we offer activities that are designed to engage the mind, promote socialization, and foster harmony and happiness. That said, it can be difficult to find good day programs for adults with developmental disabilities, or dedicated and engaging senior day care services, but our adult day care programs are inclusive. We have elderly activities and games, but we ensure that every client is able to participate in meaningful ways.

Senior-Friendly Activities That Are Fun and  Purposeful

Group Activities for Senior CitizensAt Renaissance, we try to incorporate as many engaging activities as possible. Things like board games and card games help to activate the senses, keeping them focused, alert, and thinking while providing them with an activity of conversation with others. Many of our activities are also educational. Not only are clients learning new skills – papercrafts during arts and crafts time, for example, but they also have the opportunity to learn about different cultures and gain new hobbies. Perhaps most importantly we try to incorporate as many social activities as possible, designed to eliminate feelings of depression, lowered self-worth, and apathy.

Exciting Excursions and Day Trips

Renaissance excursions and senior day trips are extremely popular with our clients. Not only do they get excellent socializing time, but the actual activities are fantastic. For example, Renaissance groups have:

You might actually be envious of your loved ones when you see what they get to do with Renaissance!

A Typical Day at Renaissance Adult Day Care

You loved one may have a day that looks like this:


  • Breakfast – Renaissance meal plans are designed to maximize nutrition
  • Programs – activities might include fitness/exercises, hands-on activities, workshops and classes, guest lectures, gardening, and more.


  • As with breakfast, Renaissance serves nutritious meals, taking into account particular needs of clients.


  • Recreational Programming – activities might include fitness/exercises, hands-on activities, workshops and classes, guest lectures, gardening, and more.
  • Relaxation period – this can be “free” time used to relax or engage in mindfulness exercises
  • Games or music time – fun ways to receive sensory stimulation and cognition therapy, and music therapy.

Adult Day Care with an Emphasis on Care

Adult day care goes way beyond the concept of simply caring for your elderly loved one. Our program actively engages seniors with fun activities that have therapeutic benefits. They just might not be aware that they are making themselves physically stronger and keeping their brains in good shape because they only notice what a great time they’re having!

At Renaissance, the benefits of our adult day care programs are not just social, they are physical, mental, and emotional. Contact us today to find out more.