The Benefits of Social Day Care for the Elderly

Remaining socially active is extremely important to our health and well-being, especially as we get older. Unfortunately, it can be remarkably easy for seniors to become socially isolated, especially if they suffer from physical aches and pains or experience mobility problems. For some, the simple decrease in energy levels can impact their ability to stay socially active. The risk of isolation in seniors can have significant negative impacts on their health and well-being, making social opportunities imperative.

At Renaissance, we recognize the mental health benefits of socialization, which is why we offer so much variety in our Signature Touches, offered by our adult day care facilities throughout NYC. After all, aging and socialization do not – and should not – have to be mutually exclusive!

The Advantage of Social Interaction for Seniors

Social isolation and feelings of loneliness can lead to a number of health issues for seniors. Depression is quite prevalent in those who are socially isolated, and these individuals tend to have a much higher chance of suffering a stroke. Higher blood pressure and levels of cortisol, low self-esteem, and less restful sleep are also among likely results of social isolation.

Conversely, increased social interaction promotes:

  • a sense of belonging and feeling of being loved;
  • improved self-esteem and self-worth;
  • better self-care and grooming habits;
  • physical health – from engaging in activities with others and immune system boosting endorphins;
  • mental health – more positive outlook and self-affirmation; and
  • purposeful living and more fulfillment in life.

Our senior socialization programs reflect our holistic approach to senior care, recognizing the mind-body-spirit connection, and helping to enhance the quality of life for your loved ones.

Senior Socialization Programs Available Through Adult Day Care

Renaissance offers many activities and events that are designed to bring our clients together and promote active socialization, feelings of connection and community, and enjoyment of life. Among them are:

  • Group activities and events, such as games night, crafts, and hobbies. Some of our locations have put on cultural events and themed evenings, even dances and holiday events.
  • Ongoing classes and workshops. Popular classes include Tai Chi, Yoga, stretching exercises, and chair exercises – all to improve endurance and mobility, and to encourage regular exercise. We also offer art classes, poetry readings, cooking demonstrations, and other special seminars, which are not only educational, but also provide an excellent opportunity for clients to share interests, experiences, and stories.
  • Day trips and excursions. Whether it’s a trip to a local NY casino, a musical theater show, or local landmarks, we like to offer interesting outings for our seniors to explore new cultures, entertainment, and performances. These events also allow seniors to form memories with their friends, fostering a greater sense of friendship and happiness.
  • Friends and Family-Friendly Events. Some of our locations like to organize picnics, walks, and socials, through which clients, their friends, and their families, can mingle and meet each other, bonding as a community.

The staff and caregivers of Renaissance give exceptional encouragement to our seniors and often inspire them to try new activities and learn new things with their fellow day care recipients. It is always heartwarming and satisfying to see our clients having fun and truly enjoying life, and we’re pleased to be able to promote physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

We’d love to speak with you about what activities we can offer to your loved ones. Contact us and find out how we can enhance their lives with our senior socialization programs.