What Does a Pediatric Home Care Nurse Do?

What Does a Pediatric Care Nurse Do?Many children with disabilities, illnesses, or other significant challenges, benefit greatly from the dedicated attention of pediatric home care nurses. These nurses provide not only necessary medical care and attention, but also a form of companionship that so many children adore. Renaissance Home Health Care offers a team of highly qualified pediatric caregivers throughout New York City that provide a focused approach to their clients. These nurses, who can be registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, or both, have a different role than what most expect when they think of “home care.” Here is what you and your family should know.

How are Pediatric Nurses Different From Other Home Care Nurses?

When most people think about home health care, they think of geriatric nurses, who provide “intermittent care” for senior citizens. Pediatric nurses are more like private duty nurses, who work on an hourly basis to help children who require daily nursing care beyond what most other children may need – usually because of chronic conditions.

Who Benefits from Pediatric Home Care?

Patients who receive pediatric home care are typically children for whom a physician has determined a need for prolonged medical care. The number of pediatric home health care hours are usually evaluated by a nurse from the pediatric home health agency. Some children will need as little as four hours a day of pediatric home care; others may need up to 24 hours a day, depending on the circumstances of each patient.

Many times, patients who receive pediatric home care suffer from a chronic disorder, such as:

  • genetic
  • congenital
  • neurological
  • respiratory
  • gastrointestinal
  • orthopedic
  • renal
  • blood-related
  • endocrine-related
  • dermatological
  • immunological
  • hematological
  • accident-related

Patients might have chronic or infectious diseases that require specialized care. While the medical needs of each child differ from case to case, a home health agency can pair your child with a pediatric nurse that has experience with their specific needs. For example, the day-to-day pediatric home care services may include:

  • neonatal nursing and care for premature babies
  • monitoring vital signs
  • intervening when necessary, based on the assessment done
  • operate medical equipment (such as oxygen equipment, suction equipment, apnea monitors, etc.)
  • complex intravenous therapy
  • administering complex feeding or medicine regimens
  • taking care of wounds
  • removing secretions via chest PT
  • charting the child’s progress

Care and Attention from a Qualified Pediatric Home Health Agency

Renaissance offers premier pediatric home health care services in NY. Our innovative and holistic approach to pediatric home care ensures that your pediatric caregiver is knowledgeable, highly qualified, and able to provide the best one-on-one care for your child. Together, we can design a care program for your child based on your family’s needs and lifestyle.

Contact Renaissance today to learn more about our pediatric home care services. We’re happy to discuss your next best steps for assessment!