Adult Day Care and Winter Activities for Seniors

Senior-Friendly Winter Things to DoWinter weather can be dreary, often providing an excuse to stay inside and avoid socializing. However, it is important for the elderly to remain active at this time, especially as seasonal affective disorder becomes a growing concern through the darker winter months.  Rather than spend a majority of their time at home, we encourage seniors to get out there and have fun! Despite the colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours, there are plenty of opportunities available to seniors and their loved ones, especially with the help of adult day care programs, such as those available at the Renaissance Home Health Agency.

Senior-Friendly Activities for Elderly Individuals

With a bit of imagination, you can easily come up with a list of activities for your elderly loved one to enjoy during the winter season. Of course, if you can join them, it will be that much more enticing. Winter safety for seniors is important to monitor if they are outside, caroling, for example, but there are plenty of senior-friendly indoor activities.

  • Indoor golf. Golf is a favorite activity for many seniors and just because there’s snow on the ground doesn’t mean you can’t get in a few rounds. There are more and more indoor golf facilities popping up, ranging from driving ranges to virtual, indoor golf course simulators.
  • Bowling. There are few activities that people of all ages can enjoy – bowling can be fun for the whole family. Put the grandkids and grandparents on a team and watch them cheer each other on. This type of bonding time is priceless. If ten pin is a bit much for your elderly loved one, or the children are quite young, you can opt for five pins.
  • Tai Chi or Yoga. Winter is an excellent time for self-reflection, as it leads up to rebirth and the beginning of another seasonal cycle. Not only are Tai Chi and Yoga excellent for keeping limber and mobile, but the mindfulness they promote brings serenity, kind of like the softly falling snow outside.
  • Interactive Console Games. Console games have evolved a lot over the years. Now there are consoles with motion sensors, which open up numerous activities with the family. You can easily find fun games for senior citizens to join, such as virtual doubles tennis. Not only will they be spending time with family, but they’ll be moving around and getting in some endorphin-boosting exercise.
  • Knitting/Beading/Crafts Circle. Crafts are excellent for maintaining and promoting dexterity. A great way to spend some time together is to make homemade cards or gifts for charity. Exercising range of motion, socializing, and illustrating the spirit of the holidays make these Christmas activities for seniors happy and rewarding.

Senior Day Trips to Promote a Happy Winter Season

NYC is filled with things to do, places to go, and landmarks to see, many of which are incredibly senior-friendly! At Renaissance, we offer numerous senior day trips, but these can be just as much enjoyed as an outing with your family. Depending on their interests, you may consider…

  • Historic Landmarks. We were surprised to find out when we took our adult day care clients to Ellis Island that many had never been! NYC is full of so many landmarks, it can be easy to take some for granted when you live around here. If your loved one is able, why not take them skating at Rockefeller Center? Or, a simple stroll through Central Park – play tourist for the day!
  • Art Galleries and Museums. Another great perk about the city is the sheer volume of art galleries and museums – there is something for everyone and the walking is great for their health and happiness. As a bonus, these types of trips tend to be very educational, sparking cognitive health.
  • Broadway or Off-Broadway Shows. There is nothing like seeing a favorite show and singing along with loved ones. NYC is a beacon for the arts. If it has been a while since your loved one has seen a live show, this winter is definitely a great time to remedy that!
  • Aquariums, Botanical Gardens, Bird Sanctuaries. This is something else the little ones can enjoy, especially with Grandma or Grandpa. Excursions like this usually involve walking around, which is great for your elderly loved one. There is a lot to see, and engaging your loved one in conversation about what is around them is great for strengthening their cognitive abilities and keeping them in touch with their surroundings.

Stay Active and Social This Winter with Renaissance Adult Day Care

Holiday activities for seniors are about staying active and being around people. At Renaissance, we make sure that all of our activities and excursions promote socialization and that our clients get enough exercise during the day. That’s why our clients love our adult day care programs and get excited about upcoming outings – and our home care patients in NYC are always welcome to join!

Contact us to find out what sorts of fun things your loved one could be doing with Renaissance.