The Process Requirements to Enroll in our Home Health & Adult Day Care Services

From adult day care to respite care services, our staff is dedicated to the well-being of our seniors. In this dedication, Renaissance Health Care Services understand that the search for reputable senior care isn’t always easy. Just as challenging can be navigating the intricate details of what Medicare, Medicaid, or a private insurer will cover. That’s why we make every effort to walk you and your loved one through each component of Renaissance to ensure a proper fit. Whether you would like to learn what Consumer Directed Personal Assistant (CDPAS) programs have to offer, you have questions that relate to Medicaid home care services, or you’re not quite familiar with how to pay for home health care, our team is ready to assist.

To better understand if Renaissance is suited to your loved one, take a look at our initial process requirements:

  • If a patient is not currently receiving home care but has health insurance (Medicaid, Medicare, or private), we can help them get the services they qualify for. Contact us and we can discuss which home health care services are covered by Medicare and Medicaid if your insurance will cover a home health aide and the homebound criteria for Medicare home health.
  • If a patient is already enrolled in managed long-term care, they may call their plan and request the home care or adult day care services of Renaissance. From there, they will gain a better understanding of their healthcare benefits, as well as whether their insurance (whether Medicare, Medicaid, or private) will cover home health care or respite care from our facilities.
  • If the patient is already receiving home care services, they may call the certified home health agency or insurance and request Renaissance home health care.
  • If the patient is interested in Consumer Directed Personal Assistant (CDPAS) Programs, they may contact us and we will be ready to assist in the process.