Renaissance Home Health Care Services in Brooklyn, NY

Home Care Clients Are Our Focus

When it comes to pediatric, mental health, or HIV/AIDS home care, a personal approach is best. Renaissance is a leading provider of home health care services in Brooklyn NY. Our team is made up of compassionate, knowledgeable caregivers, offering cultural diversity and varying strengths and interest, all while delivering personalized attention and supervision.

Renaissance is different from other home health agencies in NYC because we embrace holistic living and personal preferences. Some clients are more independent than others and want peace of mind that comes with not being alone as they face health challenges. Other people require a more hands-on care approach. We accommodate all needs. By incorporating Signature Touches that engage clients to upholding extensive practice standards to deliver consistent care, Renaissance has paved the way in better home health care for clients in Brooklyn and beyond.

Home health care should meet the needs of each client and fit into their schedule. We also believe it should offer a full range of therapeutic and recreational activities that promote social, physical, and emotional well being. This is why our customers like the way we provide home health services.

For more information about Renaissance home health care services in Brooklyn, NY, or Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) contact us today at 866-320-5687. You can also view photos that show the Renaissance difference.