Distinctive Programming for Exceptional Adult Day Care

Holistic and Personalized Adult Day Care Services in NYC

Programs at Renaissance’s adult and senior day care services run the gamut from recreation to therapeutic. From games and social activities to fitness classes and day trips, there’s something for everyone here.

Regardless of the program, it is always held in a safe, supportive, and inviting environment with professionals who enjoy providing care that meets our rigorous Company, Associates, Residents, Expectations (C.A.R.E.) standards.

Recreational Activities at Renaissance

Recreational activities are designed to encompass the intellectual, physical, and social well being of each visitor. This programming includes everything from games and entertainment to arts and crafts and exercise classes. It also includes baking and cooking, cultural entertainment, day trips, and more. Our programs are designed to appeal to our diverse group of patients and guests, offering something for everybody.

Because we promote a holistic approach to adult day care services, Renaissance is proud to offer therapeutic activities and wellness classes. Members can engage their senses for better mind and body health with everything from pet therapy and writing courses to dance and fitness. It also can include support groups and special sensory programs custom-designed for our visitors.

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