My family can’t thank you enough for being there for us in what is, to say the least, a
very difficult time.
It is a year ago that our Mother suffered a major stoke in Florida and went from living on
her own to being dependent on others for her basic needs. To care for her we moved her
to New York where she now lives in her own apartment a five minute walk from my
We did not want to place her in a nursing home and were concerned about moving her to
an apartment. We were able to make the transition from a rehabilitation facility to her
own apartment, in large part, because of the guidance and dedication of your staff. In the
first months after our Mom suffered a stroke we dealt with several agencies to get her the
care she needed. It was our experience with Renaissance that convinced us that we could
care for her in her own apartment and did not need to place her in a nursing care facility.
It was comforting to know that when we called (and we did and do call) we were
responded to quickly and in a professional and caring manner. The reality is that it is
because of you and your dedicated staff that our Mother has been able to live in her own
apartment with dignity and that we have peace of mind knowing that she is being cared
for by dedicated Aides who treat her like she is their own mother.
There is much to be said about our appreciation for your help, but words can not
adequately articulate our gratitude so I will say a simple thank you for all that you have