Reviews of Renaissance Home and Adult Day Care Services

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Renaissance is changing the way people think about adult and senior day care and home health care services. Our approach is different because it’s personal, focused on holistic wellbeing and based on standards of excellence. We make the decision simple when it comes to caring for your loved one.

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To Whom It May Concern:It gives me great pleasure to let you know what a great Care Giver Virginia Abbot is to my father. Virginia has been taking care of my father, who has late stage Alzheimer's, for over seven years. She not only takes care of him as her patient, she treats him as her own father. After seven years of service she is not only my father's care giver, she is family to me. I trust her completely with the care of my father. This is not a case or job to her, it's what she chooses as her career, a career she invests a significant amount of love and energy too.Virginia is very kind-hearted, generous with her love and a very trustworthy individual. If ever I'm personally in need of a Care Giver, I will not hesitate to solicit the services of Virginia Abbot. May God continue to bless and keep her.
I would like to commend you guys on the great work you did with one of my difficult members. As I have said before, she was never satisfied with anyone until you assigned Marie Elien Cenat and she started to service her. Her Case Coordinator, Franck Auguste, has been very responsive with the constant communication requests and has been handling the case quite well. I have been communicating constantly with Wendy Garcia regarding any new cases that come along and she has been wonderful with responding to any issues.Just wanted to say thanks for handling this case well, along with all the future cases you will receive from our team.
In Hae Grace Cha, R.N.
I had arrived to Renaissance in order to fill out the paperwork for the CDPAP program but I had just gotten a cortisone injection on my foot. Belinda noticed my discomfort while I was in line and quickly responded to better assist me. I had bad experiences with previous agencies that handled my case but Belinda made me feel so much better about choosing Renaissance. She explained the processes clearly and treated me with so much patience and kindness.
Carmen L. Gil Pascal
Our family wishes to express our sincere gratitude for your love and support.
Poeung Tieng’s Family
I would like to appreciate Jose Leonardo for the way he treats me with a lot of respect and consideration. He’s alway’s concerned of how everything is going in my case. I would like to thank the company for hiring somebody so professional.
Georgina Batista
Everyone in my building believes that Andrea is my daughter because she is always by my side and takes very good care of me. Andrea is very hard working and I don’t need to worry when she is here. I trust her with my life and treat her as if she is my daughter. Because of Andrea, I let all my friends in my building know about Renaissance’s service.
Xiomara Nivar
Joseph, I wanted to take the time to thank you for the excellent services you provide my father as his case coordinator. Your attention and dedication has made me feel more peaceful knowing that my father is well taken care of. I will always be grateful.
Daughter of Jose Taveras
“My name is Luz Perez. I go to Renaissance Day care and Home Care. In the beginning of March 2017, I was more interested in finding a place for my mom MARIA TORRES. She became effective in April 2017. I’m so grateful to the whole program from staff, to drivers, and I call everyone there “party starters”.My mom has made a drastic change in health and attitude. She is no longer depressed. We both come twice a week tues & thurs Homecare MWF. Again I emphasize on how much this setting has done wonders for my mom and me too! My future plans are to get more people involved here because this is what many people need instead of medications. Thank you dearly, Luz Perez.”
My name is Juan Acevedo; I’m a patient with Renaissance Home Health Care. I’ve been with Renaissance for many years. My coordinator and the staff have always provided me with the best service. I would highly recommend Renaissance Home Health Care to everyone.
Juan Acevedo
My family can’t thank you enough for being there for us in what is, to say the least, avery difficult time.It is a year ago that our Mother suffered a major stoke in Florida and went from living onher own to being dependent on others for her basic needs. To care for her we moved herto New York where she now lives in her own apartment a five minute walk from myhome.We did not want to place her in a nursing home and were concerned about moving her toan apartment. We were able to make the transition from a rehabilitation facility to herown apartment, in large part, because of the guidance and dedication of your staff. In thefirst months after our Mom suffered a stroke we dealt with several agencies to get her thecare she needed. It was our experience with Renaissance that convinced us that we couldcare for her in her own apartment and did not need to place her in a nursing care facility.It was comforting to know that when we called (and we did and do call) we wereresponded to quickly and in a professional and caring manner. The reality is that it isbecause of you and your dedicated staff that our Mother has been able to live in her ownapartment with dignity and that we have peace of mind knowing that she is being caredfor by dedicated Aides who treat her like she is their own mother.There is much to be said about our appreciation for your help, but words can notadequately articulate our gratitude so I will say a simple thank you for all that you havedone.
Israel Goldberg